Small Business Gold Plan

Business Monthly Coaching 

Small Business Gold Plan 

We work with you to develop and implement your business financial and tax reduction plans, and to help you and your business to succeed.

Monthly Coaching:  We meet with you monthly.
Business Financial Plan: We help you to develop and execute your financial plan.
Tax Plan:  We work with you to develop and implement a tax plan to reduce your tax liabilities.
Tax Return: We help you to submit your tax return.
15% Discount: You receive 15% off of our accounting and payroll services.
IRS Tax Audits: We help you with IRS tax audits for this and last year's returns.
Year-Round Tax Support: We are available year-round to help with your tax questions.

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We can best serve you by meeting for a few moments to understand your needs. Our memberships plans are customized.

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