Independent Insurance Agencies 

 Supplemental plans that improve the
financial wellness of your clients, provide you additional income, and improve your client retention. 


Helping prospects and clients to think about and plan for their retirement years and death is always a challenge.  It is critical but uncomfortable and easy to put off.  

Growing competition, pandemics, technology, and legislation have also made the insurance business more challenging.     

Client Financial Wellness

Helping your clients to strengthen their financial wellness  is a key.  

When done correctly, it prepares and motivates them to prepare and invest in their financial future. 

Today you can offer supplemental plans that augment what you do, increase your income, and help your clients to succeed.   

Improve Your Client Retention   

We become an extension of you. We help you to improve your client retention and to grow your business.  

Customer Retention

Insurance is traditionally a low touch industry.  Great agents are continuous looking for good opportunities to interact with their customers and to help them with their
financial situation.

Supplemental Plans Overview 

You can offer supplement plans to your clients so they have the education and personalized services they need to improve their financial well-being. 

Educational programs

Expenses optimization 
Tax planning
Credit enhancement
Market investments
Business tax planning
Business budget development
Business financial planning
Building business credit 

Personal services

Personal tax preparation
Expense optimization coaching
Personal tax planning
Credit enhancement help  

Small business services

Business tax preparation
Business tax planning 
Business financial planning
Monthly owner coaching 
Building business credit

Creating Finance Literacy 

Many struggle understanding how to manage their own personal finances, reduce their debt, plan for a comfortable retirement, and decipher the stock market. Financial literacy provides know-how and financial peace of mind.

Personal Educational Programs

Expenses Optimization

Video training that helps clients to: 

Identify their money personality profile,
Record their expenses,
Identify where there are the greatest savings opportunities,
Develop their own budget,
Find and utilize the best expense tracking and budgeting tool for them. 

Tax Planning

Video content that helps clients to: 

Understand top tax reduction strategies, 
Review how much they are paying for taxes,
Identify the biggest opportunities to reduce taxes, 
Develop a tax reduction plan.

Market Investments

Video training that empowers clients with the skillsets they need to build a better life. 

eCommerce Academy helps clients to take advantage of the hot eCommerce market. 
Digital Currencies Academy equips clients with education to tap into the digital currency markets.
High Frequency Exchange Academy helps clients to master the markets of currencies, indices, bonds, metals, & stocks.
Foreign Exchange Academy teaches clients how to take full advantage of foreign exchange industry. 

Small Business Educational Programs

Business Tax Planning

Video training that helps clients to: 

Understand top business tax reduction strategies, 
Review how much they are paying for taxes, 
Identify the biggest opportunities to reduce taxes, 
Develop a tax reduction plan. 

Business Budget Development

Video content that helps clients to: 

Gather financial information,
Add up revenue sources,  
Determine fixed costs,
Identify variable expenses,
Review budgeting tools, 
Develop a budget,  
Understand financial statements. 

Business Financial Planning

Video training that helps clients to: 

Outline business goals and milestones, 
Understand and review cash flow, income statement, and balance sheet,  
Develop cash flow projections, 
Learn how to develop a tax reduction plan,  
Review pros and cons of investment options for business and owner, 
Learn about retirement plan, 
Understand estate planning options,
Develop a financial plan. 

Building Business Credit

Video training that help clients to: 

Understand how to build business credit, 
Learn of pros and cons of business structure alternatives,
Review and understand the business credit bureaus,
Understand credit reports, 
Learn about the credit potential of the business, 
Set up vendor lines of credit,
Apply for business loan,
Understand government funding options.

Personal Services  

Many clients want someone to roll-up their sleeves and help them with their taxes and personal finances.

Personal Services

Personal Tax Preparation

We submit an accurate tax filing that optimizes the client's return.
We help the client with IRS tax audits for this and last year's returns.
The client can call with tax issues or questions. 

Expense Optimization Coaching

We provide expense optimization video training.
We meet with, discuss, and coach the client on the best way to organize their home finances.
We help the client to get starting using the best expense tracking and budgeting tool for them.  

Credit Enhancement Help

The client receives three months of top hands-on credit enhancement services.  

Small Business Services  

Small business owners excel by focusing on their greatest skills and passions.  Our expertise is small business finance and accounting.  

Small Business Services 

Small Business Tax Preparation

We submit an accurate tax filing that optimizes the client's return.  
We help the client with IRS tax audits for this and last year's returns. 
The client can call with tax issues or questions. 

Small Business Tax Planning

We help the client to understand top tax reduction strategies.   
We review how much they are  paying for taxes. 
We identify the biggest opportunities to reduce taxes. 
We develop with the client a tax reduction plan.

Small Business Financial Planning

We help clients to the long-term financial goals for the business.    
We review the immediate priorities of the business. 
We work with the business owner to create a business financial plan that can include: financial forecasts, tax plans, debt analysis, real estate analysis, buy-sell agreements, risk management, asset protection, and exit plans.  


Almost all business owners dread doing accounting - and they do it poorly. 
Most small businesses pay $5,000 + dollars each year to try and clean the books up JUST SO THEY CAN PAY THEIR TAXES. 
We help the owner to set up their accounting correctly.  
We can manage the bookkeeping and accounting, so it is done right.  This enables the business owner to focus instead on their greatest skills and passions, and to make the best financial decisions possible.    


Payroll can be time consuming for employees and managers. It can also be the source of errors and frustration. 
We ensure that payroll is done correctly so the owner and managers have more time to focus on the core activities of the business.  

Monthly Owner Coaching

Our experts meet with the owner virtually each month to help them create, refine, and implement their business finance and tax plans. 
Clients receive 15% off our accounting and payroll services.  

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