We Help You to Build Your Business Credit

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Business credit is critical to the development and growth of businesses.  It is important to separate your personal from your business finances.  Banks and investors review your business credit when:

    • setting loan terms,
    • deciding on insurance premiums,
    • expanding lines of credit,
    • looking at you as a possible partner.

Having a strong business credit helps you to:

    • Secure business financing quicker and easier,
    • Get better rates,
    • Obtain better credit and repayment terms with suppliers,
    • Protect your personal credit score.


Create a Foundation

Business credit has the power to help firms expand their operations.  Building business credit requires smart planning and follow-through.

Business owners who take the right steps in establishing their business,  they are more likely to be approved for business loans, credit cards, leases, and partnerships while limiting personal liability and damages.

Example of important setup steps we assist you with:

    • Credit Profile Registration
    • Business Name Check
    • Business Address
    • Business Website & Email
    • Business Phone
    • Employer Identification Number
    • Bank & Merchant Account
    • SAMs Registration
    • Social Media Presence
    • State Employment

Business Credit Reporting Agencies

We will advise you in registering with major credit agencies - Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, and Experian.  We will also review with you your credit records to ensure they are accurate.

Understand Credit Requirements

We review with you the credit and financing potential of your business.  Also, we will review with you government funding programs that may work best for your business.

Acquire Credit 

We will introduce and advise you in applying for:

    • Vendor lines of credit
    • Business lines of credit
    • Trade lines
    • Business loans
    • Funding programs