If you are having a problem receiving your stimulus money - we hope this will help.  Our hope is you will receive it soon.  Please see the information below to help you.

Will YT Phoenix Enterprise Inc. Be Getting Economic Impact Payments

YT Phoenix will not be receiving stimulus or what is referred to as "Economic Impacts" or "EIP."  It does not pertain to the company.  The IRS has stated that they will be distributing Economic Impact Payments directly to individuals.

We do not have any visibility into this information. To help everyone check on the status of their payments, the IRS has built the Get My Payment tool to provide people with the status of their payment, including the date their payment is scheduled to be deposited
into their bank account or mailed to them.

Where’s My Stimulus Money?

The Bank Account for my Economic Impact Payment is with Refund Advantage.  What Do I Do? 

The IRS has inadvertently distributed EIP to the temporary account at Refund Advantage. These payments have been returned to the IRS so that they can be distributed directly to the individual. 

These payments should not have been deposited to RA’s bank.  They have an automated process in place to return these payments as quickly to the IRS so that they can deliver to the proper recipient.

If My EIP has been returned to the IRS, what are the next steps?

Refund Advantage has a process in place to quickly return those payments to the IRS for distribution to the recipient. Our system and agents do not have visibility into these payments. 

It historically takes the IRS 7-10 business days to have visibility into the returned funds. Please contact the IRS directly for further details, neither your tax preparer nor Refund Advantage has any information about these payments.

Can you process my EIP payment or update my account information?

EIP payments will be distributed directly by the IRS. Neither your tax preparer nor Refund Advantage can process your payment for you or update your deposit account information. The IRS will handle distributing these payments directly to you, including updating your information.